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Shipping will be a flat rate of $8 in the United States.

International shipping will be a flat rate of $20.  

Please allow shipping to take 7 - 10 days. Your tracking number will be included with your order. If you haven't recieved an invoice or email with tracking number, please kindly send an email, and I will get back to you shortly! Thank you for your patience!


If you're dissatisfied with your product, please send the product back to get a refund.

Another option is sending the product back and choosing another product of the same price will be sent to you free of charge. Just pay for shipping! (Refund not included)

  •  PayPal (Physical & Online)

  •  Alipay (Online)

  • Venmo  (Physical & Online)

  •  Square Card Reader (Physical) 

Physical payments are when products are being bought in person at an Art Show.

Online Payments are automated by whichever payment method you chose.

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